Head of Department                  : Dr. Sanjay Marwaha
Office phone                                : 01672-253120, 01672- 253119


“When you can measure what you are speaking about and express it in numbers, you know something about it”. —- Lord Kelvin

Human endeavor is a direct outcome of mans’ curiosity to learn and understand the environment in which he lives and his achievements in any field bear witness to the lives and applications of his imagination and skill. Engineering is concerned with understanding and controlling the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of human kind. So, instrumentation engineers are concerned with understanding and controlling segment of their environment to provide useful economic products for society. Fortunate engineer has the opportunity to control many very useful and interesting industrial automation systems. Accuracy of control of above physical quantities cannot be achieved unless these are measured with a high degree of accuracy.

Electrical energy is an essential ingredient for the industrial and all around development of any country. It is a coveted form of energy, being generated centrally in bulk and transmitted economically over long distances. Further, it can be adapted easily and efficiently to domestic and industrial applications. In recent times, the importance of technical education, in general and people all over the world, in particular, have recognized training in specific areas; India is no exception to this. The Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India, has focused Instrumentation Engineering as an area that needs special emphasis. Instrumentation may be defined as The art and science of measurement and control.It involves the use of and/or works with instruments, which range from simple mechanical float level controls to complex computer-based rocket guidance systems.

Electrical and Instrumentation is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary in nature. With the addition of electronics, which fully transformed former electrical circuitry and made better, smaller, more convenient devices possible, this new area of knowledge had to be mastered by the Instrumentation and Control Engineer. Now a days, Computer Technology has become intimate part of Instrumentation and Control system engineering. Instrumentation Engineers are responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of instruments and entire instrumentation systems, which are considered the eyes and ears of any industry.

At present, Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering department is poised to impart technical education related to the development of manpower, from the level of skilled workers to the engineering post-graduates. The department caters to the manpower and technical requirements of various sophisticated and household industries such as petro-chemical, fertilizer, cement, power generation stations, bio-medical industries, etc. The department is in the process of undertaking several projects from various Government funding agencies like MHRD, DST, etc. Moreover, the department is also planning to initiate industry-institute interaction to share various resources and to provide consultancy services by organizing joint seminars, workshops and short term training programmes. The department is running the Post-graduate M.Tech Course with specialization in Instrumentation and Control Engineering.