Biomedical Laboratory

Location: E-102

Faculty I/C (Biomedical Laboratory): Prof. Manpreet Kaur

Technician I/C: Mr. S.S. Rathore      


About Biomedical Laboratory :

Biomedical engineering is an emerging area and exposure to different instruments of biomedical will be a great help to the students. With the introduction of M. Tech classes many students can take a projects/dissertations in the bioelectrical signal-processing laboratory. Starting from certificate to PG classes, biomedical engineering laboratory is the part of curriculum. The consultancy can be provided in this area with the active collaboration of medical experts from Institutes of Higher learning. However, an expert system can be developed for the various disease diagnosis and the new instruments can also be devolped to help the pathologist.

Major Equipments are:

TMT-ECG Machine: For determination of rest and exercise ECG of any subject.
EEG Machine: For determination and analysis of EEG of any subject.
EMG Machine: For determination and analysis of EMG signals of any subject.