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Saptendra Singh Rathore


Sr. Tech EIE


Electrical and Instrumentation Engg (EIE)



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Sr Technician EIE (w.e.f. 11 Oct, 2001 to till date)
Technician Inst. (w.e.f. 10 Nov,1994 to 10 Oct,2001)
JE Trainees one year (UPSEB,Allahabad)
About Two years Industrial Experiance.
Short term courses attended at :SLIET LONGOWAL, ATI Ludhiana, TIET(Thapar institute, Patiala), NITTTR Chandigarh & NITTTR Kolkatta.



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(Here playlist on electronics measurement lab which is common to all branches of Engineering)
1) How to use Digital multimeter working tutorial.
2) Measurement of various characteristic values of a Sinusoidal waveform with the help of CRO.
3) How to use Analogue multimeter full working tutorial.
4) Difference between Analog and Digital multimeter
5)How resistance is measured with multimeter?
6)Use of DC Relay with pin configuration details.
7) How to find value of Resistor by the color coding method?
8)Testing of PN junction diode by digital Multimeter.
9) Testing of capacitor by digital Multimeter.
10) How to pin identify of the IC’s ?
11) Compare Analog multimeter vs Digital multimeter
12) How to Test a CRO Probe?

13) LCR Q Meter Experiment

14) How to Check NPN and PNP Transistor with Digital Multimeter?

15) Calibration of Analogue Multimeter.

1) How to Measure Conductivity and TDS with Digital Conductivity Meter?
2) Gas Chromatography Full Tutorial.
3) Measure the TDS of the water samples with Digital TDS Meter.
4) How to check Battery with Battery Hydrometer?
5) Taking temperature by contactless system with IR thermometer.
6) Measure conductivity of the given sample/solutions with conductivity meter.
7) Study of the Double stage gas regulator.

8) Sample analysis using GAS CHROMATOGRAPH.

1) Taking temperature by contactless system with IR thermometer.
2) Types of Bio-Electrodes used in Bio Medical Instrumentation.

3) How to test blood sugar by Dr.Morepen Glucose monitor BG-03?

4) How to check Blood Pressure of the human with automatic BP machine?

5) Study of the X-Ray Machine

6) How to focusing the X ray Machine?

7) How to check the Oxygen Level (SPO2) with Pulse Oximeter?

1)    To Study Single Phase Energy Meter (Part -1)
2)     To Study Single Phase Energy Meter (Part -2)
3)     How to Measure Frequency with the Multimeter?

4) Error in Voltage Measurement using DVM and Multimeter

5) VI Characteristics of SCR Experiment || Power Electronics Lab

6) To study the ON-OFF Temperature Control System or Relay control system.

7) To study and draw the characteristics of the LVDT.

8) To Study Performance of Over Voltage Relay.

Transducer Lab

1) Taking temperature by contactless system with IR thermometer.

2) To study and draw the characteristics of the LVDT.

3) To study different types of temperature sensors.
4) How to check Battery gravity with Battery Hydrometer?

5) Measure the speed of the moving fan with the help of digital Stroboscope.



1)   Projects and components.
2)  Electronic Components and Project Kit.
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