Process Control Laboratory/ Hydraulics and Pneumatic Laboratory and Instrumentation Centre

Location E-106

Faculty I/C : Dr. Asim Ali Khan, Dr. Barsha Mali

Technician I/C : Mr. Amarjit Singh


This laboratory was one of the first laboratories established in the electrical and instrumentation department. Process control is the integral part of any curriculum related to instrumentation engineering. This laboratory was established to make students aware about basic fundamentals of practical process control. Various control viz. closed dc loop control, cascade control, ratio control, PLC control are simulated/practically implemented to give student a better understanding. Besides this, advanced hydraulic trainer kit and pneumatic trainer kit give inside view of hydraulic and pneumatic control principles. Controller Modules are procured in laboratory to demonstrate various controller configurations.

List of Equipment’s:

  1. Heat Exchanger Trainer
  2. Cascade Control Trainer
  3. Temperature Process Control Trainer
  4. Coupled Tank System
  5. Hydraulic Trainer
  6. Pressure Calibration Test Bench
  7. Utility Panel for Calibration
  8. Ratio Control system with PID controller
  9. Pneumatic Control Valve Characteristics  (Linear Control Valve, Quick open Control Valve and ratio Control Valve