Power System Laboratory

Location: E-101

Faculty I/C (Power System Laboratory): Dr. Diljinder Singh, Dr. Rishabh Verma

Technician I/C: Mr. Vipan Kumar



About Power System Laboratory:

Electrical Power systems laboratory is one on the most developed laboratory of the department. It is equipped with many advanced equipments to make all of important tests on power systems starting from generation unit with control panel and protection equipment passing through the transmission lines to the load units with power factor correction panel.

S. No. Equipment
1 Relay demonstration panel
2 Transformer protection simulator
3 Transmission line model
4 Vacuum circuit breaker test set
5 Air circuit breaker test set
6 Generator protection simulator
7 Fault analysis for three phase alternator
8 Directional over current relay test set up
9 Earth fault relay test set up (PLS-03E)
10 AC transmission line trainer


List of Experiments

Power System Lab (PCEE-623)

Power System Lab Manual