Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

Location: E-230

Faculty I/C: Prof. Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal, Dr. Barsha Mali

Technician I/C: Mr. Sukhminder Singh


About Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

Digital Signal Processing laboratory of the department is equipped with sophisticated instruments for carrying out various tasks in digital signal processing. The data acquired directly by digital sensors like digital accelerometers, digital temperature sensors as well as sampled signals obtained from analog sensors like light sensors, sound sensors and pressure sensors are used to remove outliers using digital signal processing techniques. The objective of the laboratory is to enable the students to simulate and experiment with digital signals and systems and to apply the theory they have studied in DSP courses. The students can implement digital signal processing algorithms using different computational platforms and DSP tools. They can critically analyze the behavior of their implementation and observe the specific limitations inherent to the computational platform and tools. The laboratory combines both hardware and software facilities. The DSP lab is equipped with various sets of personal computers, oscilloscopes, Texas Instruments DSP cards, signal generators, and spectrum analyzers. The software available in the laboratory includes Code Composer Studio, MATLAB, and C++.

Objectives and Strength of Laboratory

  • To learn to apply basic signal processing techniques on digital signals acquired using digital sensors or after sampling of continuous-time signals.
  • To demonstrate the effects of various filtering techniques applied to one-dimensional as well as two-dimensional signals.
  • The objective of the laboratory is to provide research facilities to research scholars, staff, and faculty members in the field of digital signal processing.
  • The strength of the laboratory is the availability of high-end computers, software, and MATLAB digital signal processing toolbox for providing computation facilities in the field of digital signal processing.


List of equipment having research capability

  • MATLAB digital signal processing toolbox
  • Texas Instruments DSP cards
  • Code Composer Studio


Major equipment

  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Plug-in data ACQ boards
  • TDM pulse modulation and demo kit
  • High resolution ADC and DAC conversion cards
  • Test point single-user software
  • Data acquisition and interfacing cards


DSP Laboratory Manual