Electrical Machine Laboratory

Location: E-121


Faculty In-charge :  Dr. Gurmeet Singh

Technician I/C        : Outsourced Staff


About Laboratory:

Electrical Machines are a major part of Power System. Electrical Machines Laboratory of the department is well equipped with different type of DC and AC Machines and Transformers. The objectives of Electrical Machines Laboratory is to impart deep understanding of all types of DC Machines, AC Machines (such as Induction and Synchronous Motors, Transformers, DC Generator and Alternators). The experiments performed to the students are designed such as to make them understand about the theory and working of all these machines. The laboratory is also used for research activities in area of machines and to carry out the project work assigned by faculty from time to time.

List of Equipment:

S. No. Equipment
1 Panel for MG Set: Single phase AC motor/DC shunt motor (AC Motor – Induction type. Rating: 2.2kW, 230V, 13A, 1380rpm, 50Hz;  DC Machine – DC Shunt Motor. Rating: 1.5kW, 230V, 6.5A, 1380rpm)
2 Panel for MG Set: DC Shunt Motor/Three phase AC generator (DC Shunt Motor rating: 5hp, 230V, 16A, 1500rpm; Three Phase Alternator rating: 3kVA, 415V, 4.2A, 1500rpm, 50Hz
3 Panel for MG Set: Three Phase AC motor/DC shunt generator (DC Shunt Generator rating: 6kW, 230V, 26A, 1440rpm; Three Phase Induction Motor rating: 7.5kW, 440V, 14,5A, 1440rpm, 50Hz
4 Panel for MG Set: DC Compound Generator/Three Phase AC Motor (DC Compound Generator rating: 10kW, 230V, 4.4A, 1440rpm; Three Phase AC Motor rating: 10kW, 440V, 22.5A, 1440rpm, 50Hz
5 Panel for no load and blocked rotor test on single phase Induction Motor (Single phase Induction Motor rating: 1.1 kW, 230V, 6.5A, 1420rpm, 50Hz)
6 Panel for load test on 3 phase Induction Motor (Three Phase Induction Motor rating: 3.7kW, 415V, 8A, 1440rpm, 50Hz)
7 Panel to perform the study of speed-torque curve of slip ring Induction Motor (Three Phase Slip Ring Induction Motor rating: 3hp, 415V, 4.5A, 1440rpm, 50Hz)
8 Panel to perform the study of V and inverted V curves of Synchronous Motor (Three Phase Synchronous Motor rating: 3hp, 415V, 4.5A, 1500rpm, 50Hz)
9 DC Shunt Motor (Rating: 6hp, 230V, 1500rpm)
10 Three Phase Synchronous Generator (Rating: 6hp, 415V, 1500rpm, 50Hz)
11 DC Series Generator (Rating: 3kW, 230V, 14A, 1500rpm)
12 DC Shunt Motor (Rating: 4hp, 230V, 16A, 1500rpm)
13 Panel for Sumpner’s Test on two single phase transformer
14 Shaded Pole Motor Control Panel
15 2 kVA, 230/110V Single Phase Transformer
16 1 kVA, 230/115V Single Phase Transformer
17 2 kVA, 125/125V Single Phase Transformer
18 3 kVA, 400/400V Single Phase Isolation Transformer
19 5 kVA, 415/415V Three Phase Isolation Transformer
20 3 point/4 point starter
21 Three Phase Loading Rheostat Bank (Capacity: 440V, 5A)
22 Single Phase Resistive Load Bank.
23 Panel for testing and analysis
24 Panel for metering unit


List of Experiments

Electrical Machines-I Lab (PCEE-514)

Electrical Machines-II Lab (PCEE-525)

Electrical Machine -1 (PCEE-514) Lab Manual