Digital Electronics Laboratory

Location: E-230

Faculty I/C: Prof. A.K. Aggarwal, Dr. Barsha Mali

Technician I/C: Mr. Sukhminder Singh

About Digital Electronics Laboratory:

The Digital Electronics Laboratory is a unit of the Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering. The role of this laboratory is to educate undergraduate and graduate students the concept and techniques of Digital Electronics and carry out cutting-edge research in this area. Laboratory experiments in digital electronics are study of various logic gates, flip-flops, and counters. Employing a learn-by-doing approach, emphasizing the hands – on – experimental experience.

Objectives of Laboratory

The objectives of this lab are as under.

  1. To perform rigorous experiments with different types of designs as sequential logic circuits, combinational logic circuits, study of digital CROs, testing of ICs, Realization of truth tables using multiplexers, study and trouble shooting of various digital systems.
  2. To write and debug assembly language programs having applications in engineering with the help of 8085 instruction set using 8085 Microprocessor Trainer kit, to interface the external devices to the Microprocessor using various Interfacing modules.
  3. To highlight the architecture attributes for an 8051 microcontroller and to provide the students with a basic understanding regarding on-chip peripherals, such as analog and digital I/O ports, ADCs, DACs, Timers, etc.
  4. To enable the students to write Assembly language programs on 8051 Microcontroller Trainer kit and interface a microcontroller system to devices such as motors and sensors, to complete the programming and testing of a PIC microcontroller based embedded system.


List of Equipments having Research Capabilities

  1. Digital Electronic Trainer Kits
  2. Logic Gate Trainer Kits
  3. Bread Boards with Power Supply
  4. Bread Boards without Power Supply


List of Experiments

Digital Electronics Lab Manual (PCEE-524)

Digital Electronics Lab Manual (PCIE-524)