Microprocessor Laboratory

Location: E-230

Faculty I/C: Prof. A.K. Aggarwal, Dr. Barsha Mali

Technician I/C: Mr. Sukhminder Singh


About Microprocessor Laboratory:

The Microprocessor Laboratory focuses on study of instruction and logic knowledge with theory study amongst the students. The laboratory experiments are equipped to cater to curriculum needs of diploma, graduate and post graduate programs along with adequate course. Instruction and logic via different assembly language instructions are taught. The laboratory hosts variety of state-of-the-art microprocessor kits to enhance the practical knowledge of the students.

By employing microprocessor solutions, students can lower capital cost of the system, and system maintenance costs. This improves time to market and the quality of products. The devices present in the laboratory offer a wide range of microprocessor capabilities at a significantly lower cost than that of dedicated devices. As integrated circuit technology advances, and off-the-shelf components become cheaper and more powerful, so do the boards that use them. Depending on the particular application, the hardware available include digital input and output, counters, timers, interrupts, capabilities. During the study students become familiar to hardware and software of microprocessor.

Objectives and Strength of Laboratory

The objectives of the lab are.

  1. To write and debug assembly language programs having applications in engineering with the help of 8085 instruction set using 8085 Microprocessor Trainer kit, to interface the external devices to the Microprocessor using various Interfacing modules.
  2. To enable the students to write Assembly language programs on 8085 Microprocessor Trainer kit. The study of microprocessor based embedded system.
  3. To study the interfacing of 8155,8255, 8251/8253, 8257, 8259, 8279, LCD interface, stepper motor study card. The students with a basic understanding of ADCs, DACs, Timers, etc.


List of Equipment

  1. 8085 microprocessor kit
  2. 8085 microprocessor kit with Assembler/Disassembler
  3. 8085 microprocessor kit with LCD display
  4. Trainer kit for microprocessor
  5. 8085 microprocessor kit cum emulator
  6. Trainer kit for microprocessor
  7. 8086 microprocessor kit
  8. 68000 microprocessor kit
  9. Microprocessor device controller kit
  10. Power supply 5V/1.5A
  11. 8155 PPI with timer study card
  12. 8255 PPI study card
  13. 8251/8253 study card
  14. 8257 DMA study card
  15. 8259 PIC study card
  16. 8279 keyboard display study card
  17. LCD interface study card
  18. Stepper motor interface card
  19. Stepper motor
  20. Power supply for stepper motor


List of Experiments

  1. Write a program to add and subtract two 8-bit numbers.
  2. Write a program to add and subtract two 16-bit numbers
  3. Write a program find the 2’s complement of data 55H stored at 2100H memory
  4. Write a program to add the N number of hexadecimal numbers lying from 2101H onwards
  5. Write a program to convert hexadecimal number into two digits
  6. Write a program to calculate the sum of ten 8-bit numbers
  7. Write a program to study the use of 8255 in mode 0
  8. Write a program to exchange the contents of memory locations
  9. Write a program to generate square wave at channel 1 of 8253
  10. Write a program to display ‘V’ in 8×8 LED matrix interface module
  11. Write a program to multiply two 8-bit numbers using successive addition method
  12. Write a program to pack the two unpacked digits
  13. To write a program for 8085 Trainer kit


Microprocessor Lab Manual

Lab Manual for Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab