Ongoing Projects

Margdarshan Project 2019

MODROBS-Rural 2020

Nationally Co-ordinated Project on Virtual labs 2020

TEQIP Project 2019-2020

Completed Projects

S. No. Project Title Amount Duration Funding Agency Coordinator
1 Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building Workshops for Precision Agriculture using UAV techniques in South and Southeast Asia 55 lacs 2021-2023 (2 yrs) Asia-Pacific Network, Japan sponsored Collaborative project under its Capacity Development Programme (CAPaBLE) involving countries Bangladesh, India, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Viet Nam Dr. Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal
2 Process Development and Validation for Evaluating Adulteration in Honey 32.65 lacs Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (An advisory body of the Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India) Dr. Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal
3 Development of EMG based Hand Prosthesis 9 lacs 2 yrs MHRD/ TAT Dr. A.S. Arora
4 Development of expert system for EMG based neuromuscular Disease Diagnosis 10 lacs 3 and 1/2 yrs AICTE Dr. A.S. Arora
5 Modernization of Biomedical Signal Processing Lab 10 lacs 2 yrs MODROBS Dr. A.S. Arora
6 Instrumentation and design of a frequency domain diffuse optical Tomography imager for Breast cancer detection 7 lacs

2 yrs


MHRD Dr. Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal

Up gradation of Existing Process Control Lab for Teaching & Research

Sanction letter (14.01.2004)

10 lacs

2 yrs


 MODROB (MHRD) Er. parveen Kumar

Modernization of Existing Instrument Project Lab Teaching & Research, MHRD / MODROB

Sanction letter (14.01.2004)

10 lacs



MODROB (MHRD) Er. Asim Ali Khan

Up gradation of Existing Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory for Teaching & Research

Sanction letter (14.01.2004)

10 lacs

2 yrs


MODROB (MHRD) Late Er. Sunil Kumar Soni

Development of Reliable, Efficient and Cost Effective Controller for Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Drive with Reduced Sensors and Improved Poer Quality at Utility Mains

Sanction letter (18.03.2013)


3 yrs




Dr. Sanjeev Singh

Modernization of Existing Power Electronic Laboratory

Utilization Certificate


2 yrs




Dr. Sanjeev Singh
12 Modernization of Communication Engg. Lab 6 lacs

2 yrs


MODROB (AICTE) Dr. Sanjay Marwaha