Research Laboratory

Location: E-228

Faculty I/C: Prof.  A.S. Arora

Technician I/C: Mr. Amarjit Singh


About Research Laboratory:

The Research laboratory is developed with the aim of enhancing the research capabilities of engineers in the department. It supports undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars to enhance rapid technology transfer in various domains in the various fields viz power systems and power electronics and drives, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Machines etc. The Research lab shows a new mechanism to improve the innovation ability of research scholars and to collaborate with the industry persons. It provides a platform for the research scholars in the department to share their knowledge in their field of expertise. It also helps the post graduate students to understand the basic necessity in doing research and to acquire guidance from the experts in various domains.  The lab also supports in conducting lab sessions while conducting national/international short-term training programs and workshops to all the participants.

Major Equipment:

TMT-ECG Machine                : For determination of rest and exercise ECG of subject

BIOPAC MP-100                   : Data Acquisition System (ECG, EEG, EMG)

NI ELVIS-II                           : NI DAQ LabVIEW

FLIR E-60                              : Infrared Thermal Camera with its accessories

Major Software:

  • C, C++, FORTAN
  • FEMM