Power Electronics Laboratory

Location: E-324


Faculty I/C: Dr. Rishabh Verma

Technician I/C: Mr. Navdeep Kumar


About Power Electronics Laboratory:

This laboratory is to impart practical knowledge, especially to degree students, of power electronic components and their applications. This laboratory is equipped with various modules for characteristic curve analysis of power electronic components (viz. diac, triac, thyristors and UJTs) and experimental setup of converters, inverters, choppers and speed control of dc motors. The consultancy work can be offered to related industries.

List of equipments:

S.No. Generic Name of Equipment Quantity Model, Make & year of purchase
1 dSPACE 1104 1 Dynafusion /2015
2 3-phase Power Analyzer 1 435 /Fluke/2015
3 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (4 analog channels and 16 digital channels) 1 Agilent/2014
4 Digital Signal Oscilloscope (2 analog channels) 2 Tektronics/2015
5 DSP (TI 2812) 2 Vi-micro Systems 2014 / 2015
6 FPGA controller boards (Spartan and Xilinx) 2 Vi-micro Systems 2014/2016
7 3-phase diode bridge rectifier + brake chopper +3-phase IGBT based PWM inverter 3 Vi-micro Systems /2016
8 3-phase Voltage source inverter 1 Semikron /2016
9 Motor-Generator Sets (PMSM, PMBLDCM, Induction Motor coupled with DC Generators) 4 Motor Power Company /2014/2015/2016



Power Electronics Lab Manual