Awards (2017-19)

Year 2019

  1. Editor Choice Education Excellency Award-2019” for making Indian Education Affordable and Reachable from Chairman NBA during Dialogue India Academia Awards at Taj Dubai (UAE) on 2 May, 2019. —S. Manna.
  2. Weaving Dreams Digital Leaders of India Award-2019” from Hon’ble Member of Parliament and AGS of India during 2 International Conference and Human Library-2019 at Taj VivantaDawarka on 4 May, 2019. —S. Manna.


Year 2018

  1. IETE-K S Krishnan Memorial Award- 2018” for the best system oriented paper, “An Improvisation of CCS-MLI Topology in Terms of Maximization of Levels”, published in IETE Journal of Research Sep-Oct 2017 issue.—Shailendra Jain.
  2. “Er. Gurcharan Singh Oration Award- 2018”, Punjab Academy of Science, Patiala, 21 Punjab Science Congress, 7 Feb 2018.—Shailendra Jain.
  3. “CMI Level 3 First Line Management Certificate- 2018” by Dudley College of Technology, London. —Ajat Shatru Arora.
  4. “CMI Level 3 First Line Management Certificate- 2018” by Dudley College of Technology, London. —Surita Maini.
  5. “Medal of Honour-2018” from World Peace & Diplomacy organization & Confederation of International Accreditation Commission during 5th International Education Forum at IIC, New Delhi on 16th June, 2018. —M.S. Manna.


Year 2017

  1. President Award“COMMENDATION AWARD- 2017” from Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the Hon’ble President of India during the Launch of the “SWAYAM PLATFORM” on 9th July, 2017 for his pioneering and outstanding contribution towards development of the Platform. —S. Manna.
  2. Excellent contribution in Education Sector- 2017” conferred by AICTE during 2 National Punjab Summit and Awards 2017 held on 13th April 2017 in Chandigarh.—Sanjay Marwaha.
  3. “Eminent Engineers Award-2017” from Institutions of Engineers (India) at Ahmedabad. —S. Manna.
  4. “Exceptional Leaders of Excellence-2017”, the prestigious WEF (Women Economic Forum) Award from the Hon’ble Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution during the International Seminar on “Innovating for Wealth & Wellness- at Personal and National Level. —S. Manna.
  5. “Innovative Policy Maker Award-2017” from News India & GESA, India. —S. Manna.


Year 2016

  1. “IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor Award- 2016”, IEEE MANIT Student Branch (Branch Code 07471, School Code 2529011).—Shailendra Jain.