Analytical Instrumentation Lab

Faculty In-charge                :                 Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal

Sr. Technician In-charge     :                 S.S. Rathore                 

It is the one of important laboratory for diploma & degree students for their course curriculum. The aim is to establish this laboratory for practical training in the field of analytical instrumentation like flaw detection in the metallic pieces using ultrasonic flaw detector, sample analysis using gas chromatograph, flame photometer, atomic absorption spectro-photometer etc. It is also used for the determination of moisture contents, humidity, conductivity and dissolved oxygen contents in a given material sample.

Objectives and Strength of Laboratory

• To conduct experiments on analytical instrumentation.

• The lab is equipped with instruments to provide quantitative and qualitative information about various sample constituents.

• The objectives of the laboratory are analysis, inferences of various samples.

List of equipments having research capability

• Atomic absorption spectrophotometer

• Gas chromatograph

Major Equipments are:

Gas Chromatograph: For determination of composition in given air sample.
Atomic Absorption Photo spectrometer: For determination of metallic composition in given Liquid sample (Presently only copper composition can be determined)
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector: For determination of Flaws in metallic pieces
UV/Visible Spectrophotometer: For transmittance & absorbance of a given sample solution
PH & Conductivity meter: For determination of PH and conductivity of given solution
Moisture Analyzer: For Moisture control in a given material sample