Analytical Laboratory


Location: E-102

Faculty I/C: Prof. Manpreet Kaur, Mr. S.K. Bansal

Technician I/C: Mr. S.S. Rathore

About Analytical Laboratory :

Analytical Instrumentation laboratory in the department is one of the sophisticated laboratories which serves the requirements to perform experiments in their course curriculum on analytical instrumentation for the certificate, diploma,and degree students. The lab is equipped with basic equipment for performing experiments like testing the conductivity, pH value, and TDS of water. The laboratory has adequate space for carrying out several experiments in parallel on different instruments. Many sophisticated instruments for research purpose like flame photometer, gas chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrometer are also available not only to the research scholars, staff and faculty members of the department but also to other departments of the institute specially for chemistry and food engineering & technology departments for carrying out various sample analyses. The laboratory also provides facilities for consultancy to the neighboring academic and research institutes. The laboratory is also equipped with instruments like flaw detection in the metallic pieces using ultrasonic flaw detector, sample analysis using gas chromatography, inorganic chemical analysis for determining the concentration of metal ions like sodium, potassium, calcium, and lithium using a flame photometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, etc. The equipment for used for the determination of moisture content, humidity, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen contents in a given material sampleis also available in the laboratory.

Objectives and Strength of Laboratory

  • To conduct experiments on analytical instrumentation using a variety of analytical instruments.
  • The lab is equipped with instruments to provide quantitative and qualitative information about various sample constituents.
  • The objectives of the laboratory are to disseminate the knowledge of analytical techniques used in sample analysis and inferences on the analysis of various samples.
  • The strength of the laboratory is the availability of analytical instruments facilities for providing consultancy to neighboring academic and research institutes.


List of equipments having research capability

  • Atomic absorption spectrometer
  • Gas chromatograph
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


Major equipment

  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • UV and Visible Spectrophotometer
  • pH meter
  • Conductivity meter
  • Moisture Analyzer
  • Flame photometer


Analytical Laboratory Manual

Video Demonstration(s) by Sr. Technician