Exposure of faculty to outside world

  1. J.S. Dhillon is Chairman BOS (IKGPTU), Member BOS (MRSPTU) and Reviewer in many journals.
  2. A.S. Arora is Member BOS (NIT Jalandhar), Member BOS (IKGPTU & MRSPTU), Expert (NBA), Member (Committee of Academics and Governance, ABVIET Pragati Nagar and Reviewer in many journals.
  3. Sanjay Marwaha is Member BOS (PTU & GNEC), Expert (NAAC), Expert NEQIP (AICTE) and active member in NAAC. He is Reviewer in the Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (JESTEC) and other journals.
  4. Shailendra Jain is Member, AICTE North-West Committee and Member, AICTE SWAYAM Academic Advisory Council. He is Reviewer of many reputed jounals.
  5. Surita Maini was core committee member of CSAB (Common Seat Allotment Board) in year 2017-18.
  6. Surita Maini  acted as Judge in Hackathon-2017 and 2018.
  7. Surita Maini is board member of Kendriya Vidalya Management Board for last 5 years.
  8. Surita Maini visited ECAM-EPMI Paris, France for academic collaboration purpose in July 2018.
  9. Surita Maini was selected as only candidate from India in July 2017 for International Workshop on Climate Change and Greeen Low Carbon by National Development Reform Commission China.
  10. Surita Maini was selected to attend the International Workshop on Sustainable Environment and Energy Development by Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan in December 2018.
  11. Surita Maini was Visiting Professor in “University of Alberta”, Canada in February 2020.
  12. Manmohan Singh is reviewer of International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy System (SCI indexed).
  13. Charanjiv Gupta is a Member in NEQIP (AICTE)
  14. Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal is handling collaborative research tasks on remote Sensing with Hokkaido University in Japan.
  15. Manpreet Singh Manna as Director, AICTE delivered significant expert talk in India as well as outside India. He represented AICTE as nominee in many prestigious organizations. His participated in various panel discussions on media. He is Reviewer of many journals.