Academic Audit

Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology, Longowal

(Deptt. of Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering)



The objective of AA is to evaluate the performance of the departments/institution and to identify the issues need attention to improve the quality of Teaching and Research.

The main objectives of AA are :

  1. To assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Departments and to suggest the methods for improvement and for overcoming the weaknesses related with teaching, learning and evaluation.
  2. To ascertain whether the Departments are functioning efficiently and effectively with proven records of capacity building, research projects and publications and extension over a period of time.
  3. To identify the bottlenecks in the existing academic mechanisms and to identify the opportunities for reforms in academic, administration, and examination system for a long term progression with excellence and to face the challenges of globalization in Higher Technical Education (HTE).
  4. To evaluate the optimum utilization of financial and other resources, issues concerning with leadership and organization, functional autonomy and financial management of Departments/Centers.
  5. To suggest the methods of improvement for maintaining quality in HTE.



 Department Profile

  • The Institute, through a well structured format, collects the necessary primary data and information from all the Departments/Centers of Studies on Programs Offered, Students Enrolment, Faculty Strength, Infrastructure, Research Projects, Consultancy, Publications, FDPs and other programmes/students activities conducted during the last year as well as last three
  • The system of evaluation and internal assessment and the results of students, placement and further progression of students in HTE are assessed using these details.


 Profile of Teachers

  • To assess Faculty Qualification, Experience, Research Publications during the last three years, number of Research Projects, and Resource Generation by the faculty, Conferences Attended and Papers Presented, Foreign Academic Visits, Fellowships Obtained, Countries Visited, Organizations of Conferences, Membership of Academic Societies, etc.
  • To evaluate the performances of faculty and their capability matrix under the context of their Teaching, Learning, Research and Development, and Extension Activities.


Feedback of Students

  • To elicit the views of the students regarding the general facilities available in the Department, their opinion about the teaching and research commitment and capability of the Faculty, delays and denials of justice, and for providing better amenities and care on campus with modern tools and techniques.
  • Questions regarding teacher’s regularity in conducting classes, providing up-to-date information on the subject, their orientation to the assigned part of the curriculum, style and efficiency of teaching, clarity in imparting information, availability of the teacher before and after the class hours for consultation, general ability of the teachers, their capabilities in motivating students for progression, etc are normally included in such exercises.


Departmental Visit by Academic Audit Committee (AAC):

  • Presentation of Departmental Profile: The details of their programs, accomplishments, achievements of Faculty and the perspective plans.
  • Visit of the Department(s), and Facilities for the purpose of understanding the Department, Faculty and their activities.
  • This exercise is carried out in all Departments/Centers to offer valuable suggestions to improve their performances both individually and collectively.
  • In addition, the AAC shall also meet the teaching faculty, non-teaching and technical staff to obtain their feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  • The AAC shall visit all the laboratories, museums, student amenities, halls of residence, and facilities made available to its stakeholders.


 Head of Audit

  • Teaching & Learning Processes
  • Research & Facilities, Professional Activities, Collaborative Performance
  • Graduation Outcome
  • Perception


Details of Academic Audit

Date of Academic Audit

(Minutes of Meeting)

Members of Duly Constituted Committee


(MoM-Academic Audit-26.08.2021)

1.  HOD (EIE) —- Convener

2. Dr. Dilbag Singh —- Professor, NIT Jalandhar

3. Dean (R&C)

4. Dr. A.S. Arora —- Nominated by HOD (EIE)

5. Dr. S.S. Dhaliwal

6. Dr. P.K. Jain


(MoM-Academic Audit-19.11.2020)

1. HOD (EIE) —- Convener

2. Dean (R&C)

3. Dr. A.S. Arora —- Nominated by HOD (EIE)

4. Dr. S.S. Dhaliwal

5. Dr. P.K. Jain


(MoM-Academic Audit-10.07.2019)

1. HOD (EIE) —- Convener

2. Dean (R&C)

3. Dr. A.S. Arora —- Nominated by HOD (EIE)

4. Dr. S.S. Dhaliwal

5. Dr. P.K. Jain