Transducer Laboratory

Location: E-104

Faculty I/C (Transducer Laboratory) : Prof. Manmohan Singh, Dr. Jaspreet Singh

Technician I/C : Mr. S.S. Rathore


About Transducer Laboratory:

Transducer Laboratory is equipped with modern measurement instrumentation equipmentswith an aim to inculcate technical knowledge and engineering skills to gain the practical knowledge. Through “Instrumentation trainer kits” an attempt is made to make it as easy as possible for the students to learn about the electronic instrumentation system and various transducers used for the measurement of Temperature, pressure, density, humidity, displacement, force, speed, torque, stress etc.The instrumentation kits are only for demonstration purpose and hence, whole the accuracy of the measurement cannot be claimedfor any external measurement other than conducting experiments.

The other equipments in the lab make the Students learn to measure as well as develop the skill to calibrate the temperature and pressure gauges etc. The lab offers the students to have the technical knowledge and engineering skills through the program to achieve a successful career in the field Instrumentation Engineering.



  • To provide the basic understanding about operational characteristics, applicationsand calibrations of various sensors and transducers.
  • To deliver an ability to know the standards to measure and to compute errors
  • To provide an ability to analyse and understand various sensors based on its working principle.
  • To infuse an ability to identify the problem use the appropriate sensors

List of Equipment’s:

  1. Transducer and Instrumentation Kit
  2. LVDT
  3. RTD
  4. Thermistor
  5. Crompton Potentiometer
  6. Strain Gauge
  7. Thermocouple
  8. Dead Weight Tester


IE-212 List of Experiments

EE-222 List of Experiments