Control Engineering Lab

Faculty In-charge                :                 Manmohan Singh

Technician In-charge          :                 Gagandeep Singh

This laboratory is to impart the practical knowledge about various process control techniques used in modern process industries. This laboratory is equipped with process simulation kit with feed forward and cascade control schemes,electronic logic controllers,relay logic controllers,level and temperature control with PID controller, electronic transmitter ,recorders, DCS and PLC (programmable logic controller) trainer kit to carry out advanced experiments in process control engineering.

Objectives and strength

    1. To help the students understand and practice the modeling, simulation, and implementation of a physical dynamical system by a linear time invariant ordinary differential equation.
    2. To highlight the electrical modeling of a second order system and analyze the under-damped, over-damped and critically damped cases
    3. To study the effects of poles and zeros location in the s-plane on the transient and steady state behavior
    4. To study the effects of Lead, Lag and Lag-Lead series compensator on a second order system transient and steady state system response.


List of equipment having research capability with snaps – NIL

List of experiments ;