List of Experiments


Maintenance and Repair of Electrical equipment Lab

Electric iron all types.

Electric oven.

Electric toasters.

Electric fan (CF, TF, PF, & EF & regulators).

Water heaters & geysers.

Mixer & food processors.

UPS / Inverters / battery chargers.

Air coolers ( portable / desert type).

Semi automatic & fully automatic washing machine.

VCD / DVD / AVD players.

Microwave Ovens.

All types remote controllers.


Electrical Workshop Practice-I Lab

Introduction with Electrical Symbols.

Familiarization with tools used in Electrical works

Introduction with Electrical Materials.

Introduction with Abbreviations Commonly used in Electrical Engineering.

Introduction of Electrical safety precaution.

To make ‘Straight’ joint on 1/18 PVC wire.

To make ‘T’ joint on 1/18 PVC wire.

To make ‘Britannia’ joint on GI wire.

To study fluorescent tube light.

To study Sodium lamp.

To study high pressure mercury vapour lamp. (H. P. M. V).

To wire up a circuit with two lamp controlled by two switch.

To wire up a circuit with one lamp controlled by one switch

To wire a circuit used for staircase wiring.

To study Godown wiring.


Basic Electrical Engineering Lab

Study of various passive components and measuring instruments and their connections in electrical circuits.

Verification of Ohm’s Law.

Verification of Kirchoff’s laws (KCL & KVL)

Verification of equivalent resistances in series and parallel connections.

Measurement of various characteristic values of a Sinusoidal waveform with the help of CRO.

Measurement of voltage, current and power in RL and RLC circuits and Verification of phase angle and power factor concept.

Study of various types of earthings.

Study of various types of protection devices e.g. fuses, MCBs and ELCBs

Verification of Faraday’s laws and Lenz’s law.

Study of various types of DC motors and their starters.

Study of various types of AC motors and their starters.